Our current research projects reflect our interests in three broad areas:

  • population thinking and categorization in the life sciences, both in historical and in contemporary perspective;
  • contests over scientific credibility and expertise; and
  • science, technology, and the law.

And as our team expands, our research agenda continues to broaden.

Most recent preprint publications (Nov 2020):

Current research – Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt

Current Research – Dr. Mihai Surdu

Current Research – Dr. Nicholas Buchanan

Dr. Nicholas Buchanan’s current research focuses on the tensions between genomic identity and genetic disease, as well as the negotiations over expertise between people with genetic conditions, caregivers, doctors, and scientists. A second, parallel, research project explores the relationship between environmental politics and environmental modeling.

Current Research – Sarah Fründt

Current Research – Priv. Doz. Dr. habil Dmitri Zakharine

Completed Projects

Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt & Dr. Mihai Surdu