IUSTUF DIMA is a programme that runs from September until December 2022 to support learning and teaching activities at Ukrainian Universities. DIMA is organised by a team of academic staff members and student assistants at University College Freiburg in close cooperation with Ivan Franko University Lviv. The programme is funded within the DAAD framework “Ukraine digital: Studienerfolg in Krisenzeiten sichern”.

The DIMA’s main objective is to help Ukrainian and international students and teachers in Ukraine in continuing their studies and academic work. The war in Ukraine has violently disrupted the teaching, learning, and research activities at Ukrainian Universities. While many students from and in Ukraine do continue their studies online with their own instructors and universities, for others, no such opportunity exists, or their course and research options are dramatically reduced.

Essentially, the DIMA is a collection of 12 digital and hybrid courses and lectures at the University of Freiburg, which has been compiled over the summer. These 12 courses have either been initiated for DIMA or opened up to students from Ukraine. As they cover a wide range of subjects and mostly do not have any prerequisites or target specific audiences, students from Ukraine are given the opportunity to select individually from an interdisciplinary pool of events in which they would like to participate.

Students who are in Ukraine have the chance to receive financial support in the form of scholarships for the duration of the programme. So far, 38 scholarships were given to students in Ukraine. In addition to supporting students, teachers from Ukraine are also given the opportunity to enhance their academic skills by participating in and helping to design courses.

Apart from the intention to provide academic and financial aid in times of war, DIMA also aims to facilitate and strengthen international academic exchange and cohesion between the individuals and institutions involved. Therefore, in late November DIMA organisers will host a workshop at which lecturers and instructors from Ukraine and Freiburg will discuss the special challenges of teaching in times of war on the one hand and evaluate the prospects for further international digital cooperation on the other. Finally, in December the DIMA will end with a digital conference, jointly organised by students from Ukraine and Freiburg at which they shall present the results of the events as well as reflect on their personal experiences throughout the academy.


Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt (STS-Chair, UCF)

Prof. Dr. Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva (Ivan Franko National University Lviv)

Dr. Stoyan Panov (UCF)

Dr. Svenja Wiertz (UCF)

Silvia Stößer (UCF)

Sid Ali Boudeffa

Sabina Grigore

Felix Hönnekes

Fiskani Kumwenda

Alexander Swjagelski