Helena Seidel studied philosophy and history, followed by a master’s degree in interdisciplinary anthropology at the University of Freiburg. in her MA thesis  she was looking at the social interaction and dealing with syphilis sufferers in the 18th century.

Currently, she is involved in an interdisciplinary project at the University of Freiburg on the Alexander Ecker collection. Looking from the historical perspective, she tries to get informations concerning the bones‘ provenance with the goal to help repatriating several human remains back to Africa. Due to this, she is doing her PHD about Alexander Ecker and his historical contextualization.

Meanwhile, as a project coordinator she is in charge of the university‘s teaching project „Wissenschaft – Technologie – Gesellschaft“ at the University College in Freiburg. Also, she works at the archaeological company Archäologie-Zentrum GmbH.


via Email: helena.seidel@ucf.uni-freiburg.de