Priv. Doz. Dr. habil Dmitri Zakharine is senior researcher and lecturer at the university of Freiburg. Together with Professor Dr. Veronika Lipphardt he is currently leading a research project called “Social, personal or intimate? Cultural differences in distancing behavior”. It deals with the reception of physical proximity and distance in the pandemic times. The project is funded by the German Volkswagen Foundation.

Dmitri Zakharine is an established international scholar working in the fields of sociology, history and media studies. He takes pride in considering himself as verbal-and nonverbal-communication researcher.

Dmitri started his scientific career as linguist studying Slavic, Romance, Classical and Germanic languages in Russia and Germany. He obtained his doctorate degree in Russian linguistics at the Lomonosov University in Moscow (1995) and gained an advanced qualification in Theory of Communication at the University of Frankfurt (1997). After some years of intensive research he joined a challenging post-doctoral qualification programme in cultural sociology and modern history at the University of Konstanz which he completed in 2005.

Zakharine is author of four books and editor of five anthologies dedicated to linguistic, sociological, and historical issues.

Throughout his academic career he received a number of major academic grants, most notably the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship for his historical research project “Electrified voices. Acoustic Communities in the Soviet Union, Germany and Great Britain” carried out at King’s College London.

Zakharine has also been author and leader of various sociological research projects closely related to his current research:  “The Sociology of purification rituals”, “Proximity and identity in a multicultural society, “The history of greeting“, etc . Most of the previous projects, funded by the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and the German Research Foundation, were carried out at the Universities of Konstanz, Bielefeld, Zürich as well as the Charles University Prague.

Research Interests

  • Sociology
    • The sociology of interaction. Proxemics and kinetics.
  • History
    • History of behaviour and nonverbal communication in Modern and Early Modern Europe
  • Media Studies
    • The history of sound technology in cinema and broadcast
  • Linguistics
    • Media linguistics. The language of radio. Linguistic and acoustic analysis of voice in broadcast


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